Humans of MHS- Sarah Abbas

“I’ve always loved writing and expressing my emotions through words. I experimented with speech and debate, but I really enjoyed poetry because I got to write my own thing and say exactly what I wanted to say and exactly how I wanted to say it. This upcoming Saturday, I have team finals for poetry. We have already made top three for the State and now we are competing for first place. On Sunday, I am competing against 14 other people in Missouri. Right now, it’s top 15, but we will compete for top 9 and then top 6. The people who make top 6 will qualify for the BNB, Brave New Voices, team. That team is similar to a national team and you get to compete with poets all around the U.S. over the summer. You get to travel to a different state and go to a poetry convention where people who have been learning and writing poetry for their entire lives will teach you and instruct you. There’s definitely a lot of pressure and I’m really nervous but I am also excited,”

Sarah Abbas, sophomore, said.

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