Humans of MHS- Ashley Porcelli, Senior

“Throughout my high school career, I’ve had three jobs. I worked Smoothie King, Orange Leaf and now I work at Red Robin. Orange Leaf has probably been my favorite job because I was really close with all of my co-workers and I liked my boss. I was sad when it shut down. Working has taught me to do a lot for myself. You also get to interact with new people everyday and meet new people. I think it’s really cool making your own money. Since I’ve started working, I’ve learned how to save my money. In my family, I have to pay for my own gas and going out with friends but my family pays for things like insurance and bigger things like college. Having a job teaches you what has value and what doesn’t. I’m never going to spend my money on useless things that will have no value or purpose in the future,”

Ashley Porcelli, senior, said.

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