Holiday season prompts interest in volunteering


Media by Riley Merrifield

Brigid Keating, junior, entertains Cassidy at the Camp Circle Star’s Winter Fun Day held on Thursday, Dec. 29. “I feel like there are more volunteer opportunities during the holidays, but I’ve been wanting to do this for a while,” Keating said.

Giggles and shouts filled the church. Kids and volunteers participated in mouse races, balloon art, bounce houses, board games and more.

Camp Circle Star, a non-profit organization dedicated to creating an environment where kids with special needs and disabilities can be successful and have fun, held a Winter Fun Day Event on Thursday, Dec. 29.. 

Brigid Keating, junior, volunteered for the first time at this event.

“Today definitely had an impact on me and I will definitely volunteer again in the future,” Keating said.

The idea that volunteering over the holidays is more important than other times of the year is merely a misconception, said Sara Jones, the coordinator of the Winter Fun day. 

We need our volunteers all year round, so I wouldn’t say it’s more important, people just think about it more during the holidays, ”

— Sara Jones, the coordinator of the Winter Fun Day

“I think people think about volunteering more around the holidays,” Jones said. “We need our volunteers all year round, so I wouldn’t say it’s more important, people just think about it more during the holidays.” 

Statistics show about 30 percent of all donations for nonprofits come during the month of December alone and adults volunteer 5 percent more than the rest of the year, according to NobleHour, a group that helps nonprofits, schools, and businesses nationwide connect volunteers with opportunities.

Jones feels that volunteering should be done as often as possible throughout the year.  Volunteering has huge, positive, and educational benefits on the volunteer.

“Especially with our organization, people walk away with a better understanding of the kids we work with and why we do what we do,” Jones said.

Erica Parker, junior, also volunteered at this event.

“Volunteering has impacted me in many ways. The impact that I have noticed the most is how it has helped me to be more confident and social,” Parker said. 

As a member of NHS, she has been exposed to many different volunteering opportunities.

“It has forced me to go places and talk to new people more than I usually would choose to,” Parker said. “I feel more prepared for situations that are in my near future, like interviews, jobs, and college.”

Parker said she will definitely continue volunteering. 

“I will always try to find the chance to help out others when I have any freetime, and I will continue to invite as many friends as possible to join,” Parker said.