MHSNews | Multi-Sport Athlete Details His Experience

Rushing home after a busy day, senior Logan Schoonover stumbles through the door, exhausted, knowing his homework still awaits him.

Schoonover is a multisport athlete who plays varsity soccer for MHS and club volleyball during the fall.

“It’s difficult on days where I have soccer and volleyball,” Schoonover said. “I go from school to soccer then to volleyball.”

Some nights, Schoonover doesn’t get home from practice till after 9 p.m., and when he doesn’t go to practice, he goes to work. Logan works at Andy’s Frozen Custard on Manchester.

Schoonover schedules himself for work when he doesn’t have games or practice, but sometimes soccer and volleyball overlap. He said he chooses whichever sport has a game over a practice, and he’s never been torn between two games.

Even with his busy schedule, Schoonover finds time to get his work done during Ac Lab and at nights after he gets home.

Logan’s mom, Angela Schoonover, makes sure he has everything he needs from snacks and drinks to knowing his schedule and getting good grades.

“I worry sometimes about him trying to do too much,” Angela said. “We have an understanding that grades come first.”

Logan’s coaches and family have helped him get the time for what he needs and they have been understanding, Angela said.

“Whether it’s Logan or another player, we try to accommodate both sports and teams as much as we can,” soccer coach Steve Conway said. “If it is going to be a problem where the player is missing too much of soccer, then it’s on the player to decide to stay with soccer or the other sport.”

Even though Logan is busy, he’s figured out how to handle it.

“I can feel stressed out with the homework part, but the sports part of it I really like,” Logan said. “I have friends on both teams so it’s really fun.”