Behind Brayden’s Wacky Wardrobe

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While most students tend to stick to a simple pairing of a shirt and pants for their school day attire, one student has defied this standard approach in his clothing.

Brayden Haas, senior, walks the halls in one-of-a-kind outfits every single day. After dressing up festively for spirit days, he said he wanted to start regularly wearing the unique ensembles he had previously worn to flaunt his style and show people that he isn’t always focused on school.

Haas started this after first semester finals ended and said he was partially inspired because it is his last semester at MHS and he wanted to have fun, let loose and show people  he’s not always focused on school.

“Every night at 8 p.m. I am scrounging around my house looking for anything I can possibly think of,” Haas said. “I usually latch onto one piece of clothing that seems very odd and noticeable and then I build costumes off of that.”

Haas has his outfits from various trips, thrift shop hauls with his friends and previous events like the Mr. Mustang pageant.

So far, Haas has dressed up as anything from gondolier to one of MHS’s own teachers, Philip Schmidt. He said he hopes to keep his streak of wearing unique clothing going until Spring Break.

“My favorite so far has definitely been my Beastie Boys outfit; I dressed up like they did for their music video Intergalactic, where they wear these hazmat suits with yellow gloves and yellow boots,” Haas said. 

Junior Annika Haas, Brayden’s sister, said that although she didn’t expect Brayden to come to school wearing such extravagant outfits, it truly reflects his loud an energetic personality.

“You don’t usually see that on a normal basis,” Annika said. “It’s a little strange because it just came out of nowhere just after the new year.” 

Annika said Brayden’s positive, outgoing side is more apparent at school and at home.

“He and my sister Madeline are similar; they are more loud and talkative,” Annika said.

Brayden’s mom, Kerry Haas, confirmed Brayden’s quirky personality, but said he is devoted to his studies at the same time. 

“I think that Brayden’s teachers and friends think of him as intelligent and hardworking, but as the year goes on and they get to talk to him, they get to see more of his personality.” Kerry said.

Kerry is happy Brayden decided to wear his eccentric wardrobe to school because it has allowed him to show his personality to others. She said his choice to wear such spirited costumes will allow him to end his high school experience on a high note.