Cafeteria Employs Student Stocker

While most students her age are asleep, Brianna Komorech, freshman, is sitting in the Commons at 6:15 a.m. 

Komorech’s mom, Cindy Komorech, is a member of the child support staff and arrives at school early to fulfill her duties in the cafeteria. Because of this, Brianna spends an hour in the cafeteria before she goes to her Jazz Band zero hour.

“Because I was at school early, I usually did my homework in the Commons while my mom worked,” Brianna said.

It was through this availability that Cindy’s boss offered Brianna a job working to stock the vending machine and snacks before school.

“My mom’s boss approached me and I told them I was interested,” Brianna said. “I went through the same hiring process that any employee would go through background checks, interviews, and meetings with Human Resources.”

Brianna said the hiring process was a good learning experience for her.

Cindy said she hopes this job will teach her what working in a school environment is like.

“Now she has a boss who can tell her what to do and she’ll listen to them,” Cindy said. “It teaches her responsibility and it will definitely teach her how to grow and become more mature.”

Principal Dr. Steve Hankins said considering that the support staff is understaffed district-wide, Brianna will be an important addition.

 “We are always looking for extra help,” Dr. Hankins said. “The idea was that if we could get students who are looking for a job or are available, we can give them opportunities at school.” 

Dr. Hankins said getting involved at school, especially through a job, is beneficial for students down the road.

“Just from hiring experience, I know that some people look for employees that have experience in schools because it is a different working environment,” Dr. Hankins said. “I say if you get the opportunity to work in a school environment, go for it because you never know. There are schools everywhere in need of good people to staff them.”