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Opinion: I Don’t Have Social Media

Opinion: I Don't Have Social Media

Sabrina Lacy, Page Designer

December 11, 2018

When I tell people this, they look at me as if I just arrived on Earth a day ago. They are justified in thinking that not having social media is strange because social media has become a part of our culture. There are two reasons why I don't have social media. First because I'm not allowed to and second, ...

Opinion: So You Think You Can Dance

Opinion: So You Think You Can Dance

Sam Hall, Staff Reporter

December 4, 2018

I am a dancer. My heart beats on an eight count, without trying I walk with my feet turned out and when I’m happy I do entrechat cinq (a somewhat impressive jump). From the age of 6, I was trained with a Vagonava style of teaching, which enabled me to later learn both Balanchine and American...

Opinion: Picnic Tables Gone Missing

Opinion: Picnic Tables Gone Missing

Will Roach, Opinions Editor

November 7, 2018

One of my strongest memories from my freshman year is eating outside on the blue picnic tables in front of the school with my brother. It didn’t matter if I had a test the next hour or if I was just in a bad mood, being outside was calming and refreshing. Now those picnic tables are gone, and students c...

Opinion: Impaired Driving Simulations

Jilian Bunderson, junior, attempts to walk in a straight line while wearing impairment goggles. She participated in the impaired driving simulations brought to MHS by US Army Staff Sergeants.

Jilian Bunderson, Staff Reporter

November 7, 2018

On November 2nd, I had the opportunity to go down to the MHS parking lot during fourth hour and participate in the impaired driving simulations that members of the US Army were running. I first put on “very drunk” goggles and attempted to walk in a straight line (and I was almost completely ...

Opinion: Safe Zone Posters Are Only Harmful

Opinion: Safe Zone Posters Are Only Harmful

Michael Schmitz, Staff Reporter

November 6, 2018

Throughout the school is a colorful display of some curious posters. These posters are shaped akin to a stop sign and read, “Safe Zone: I am an Ally. This is a safe zone. I am understanding, non-judgemental, and willing to provide an atmosphere of acceptance and assistance for members of the LGBT communi...

Opinion: A Prediction For The Midterm Elections And Beyond

The enthusiasm behind these midterms are unprecedented within the last 50 years of politics, but will this be enough to make a difference? Labeled for noncommercial reuse by Flickr.

Michael Schmitz, Staff Reporter

November 5, 2018

What can we expect from 2018-2020 politically? To put it simply: the Democrats’ blue wave. The Republicans are going to lose the midterms according to the polls; the question is how bad their loss will be. The Democrats currently have a nine point lead in the polls for keeping control of the House o...

Opinion: Homecoming Should Stay In The Gyms

Homecoming 2018 was held on Saturday, Sept. 29 in the Commons. In past years the event took place in the gyms. Photograph used with permission by Dr. Greg Mathison.

Alyssa Shellabarger, Staff Reporter

October 12, 2018

I have been to Homecoming three times. The first two years the event was held in the gyms, but this year I was surprised to learn that it had been moved to the Commons. Despite the change in location, the nature of the dance was the same. Homecoming was, as always, a full sensory experience. Colorf...

Opinion: How One Vote May Affect Our Government For Generations

Demonstrators opposed to Supreme Court Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh stand outside the court with

Waha Siddiqui, Social Media Editor

October 9, 2018

On Oct. 6, Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed as an associate judge on the Supreme Court, winning by a 50-48 Senate vote. Judge Kavanaugh’s presence on the Supreme Court threatens our basic rights and it’s definitely an issue that will affect generations to come more than we think it will. Protests h...

Opinion: Colin Kaepernick and Nike

Controversial Nike advertisement, released on Sept. 5, featuring Kaepernick and his message of following your beliefs no matter what.

Michael Schmitz and Will Roach

September 21, 2018

Controversy recently spiked on September 5th, when Nike released an advertisement featuring football player Colin Kaepernick. Kaepernick has been a disputed public figure since 2016, when he refused to stand for the national anthem at a 49’ers game. He reportedly refused to stand as a symbolic protest ...

Opinion: Street Smart Teaches the Right Lesson the Wrong Way

Travis AFB CA:  Mr. Greg McCarty and Oscar Duran both paramedics from Miami-Dade County, Florida give an eye opening demonstration of the tools and evasive procedures used just to keep some one alive until they reach a trauma center after a traffic accident.  Airman First Class Isaiah Sylvia a Flight Service Center Journeyman assigned to 60 Logistics Readiness Squadron posed as the unlucky victim who might have been impaired or was not wearing a seat belt during the demonstration.  Released  USAF Photo by T.C. Perkins Jr.

Will Roach, Staff Reporter

April 10, 2018

On April 3rd, freshmen and sophomores suffered through a poorly constructed presentation about general car safety, given by a group called Street Smart. While the innate message of the presentation is one kids should learn, the two people giving the presentation handle the topic insensitively and unp...

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