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Movie Review: Logan

Movie Review: Logan

March 28, 2017

Fights in School

Fights in School

March 21, 2017

Opinion: Ken Hitchcock

Opinion: Ken Hitchcock

February 8, 2017

Frankly, hall passes are insulting

Ava Schmidt, Advertising Manager

May 20, 2016

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“Don’t leave without a pass!” a teacher says. “Where are you going?” the hall monitors and principals demand incessantly. Sound familiar? Welcome to MHS, which is actually an elementary school in disguise. The...

Timed tests sap students ability

Greg Svirnovskiy, Online Sports Editor

May 19, 2016

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The ACT is a test which all High schoolers take during our junior years. As a university preparation test, the exam has dramatic implications on college acceptance, scholarships, and future internships. The setup of the ACT is easy to understand. ...

Phones can create stress

Ryan Berger, Events Editor

March 28, 2016

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Everyone at MHS is too worried nowadays. School work, standardized tests, and the general pressures of high school cause stress in our lives. Even our much beloved cell phones do. My solution: just live in the moment,...

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