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Paparazzi have spotted influencers out in public without masks. Influencers are ignoring COVID-19 guidelines and setting a poor example for their fans.

Influencers Choose to Ignore COVID-19 Guidelines

Lajja Patel, Staff Reporter December 14, 2020

Influencers from various platforms such as TikTok and the NFL have been caught breaking COVID restrictions and guidelines set to protect their wellbeing and the wellbeing of others. Among these influencers,...

Making the difficult choice between in-person and virtual school can leave many students weighing their options extensively to decide what is best for them.

Weighing In-Person and Online Learning

Mason Kellerman, Illustrator December 12, 2020

Through virtual learning, you are in control of your education, your schedule and your health. Everything around us is uncertain, so why not stay in the comfort of your home?  Virtual allows you to have...

RSD has begun to offer mental health awareness courses as well as suicide prevention courses. However, making parents and RSD community members aware of these classes still remains a challenge.

Editorial Board: Mental Health Help Still Matters

Editorial Board November 24, 2020

For many students, the thought of another day of virtual learning is unbearable.  The same routine of condensed learning and little human interaction has left many thankful for the return to school....

When I opened Instagram one day, the last thing that I was expecting was a ton of posts about Lebanon. Post after post was about the horrific blast that caused destruction and chaos. While I did feel awful for the people that this event has hurt, I also felt numb.

Gen-Z is too Normalized to Tragedies

Anika Talyan, Page Designer November 24, 2020

When I opened Instagram one day, the last thing that I was expecting was a ton of posts about Lebanon. Post after post was about the horrific blast that caused destruction and chaos. While I did feel awful...

Juicy Couture, one of the most popular brands of the Y2K era, is making their way back into mainstream fashion.

Low Rise on the Rise

Peyton Rubenstein, Page Designer November 24, 2020

Low rise jeans, Juicy Couture, mesh tops, hair feathers, heeled flip flops… Do these trends sound familiar to your 2008 self? Chances are they sound familiar to you today. Zendaya is wearing tracksuits...

Target retailers stocked their aisles with Christmas decorations beginning Tuesday, Nov. 3.

Early Christmas Celebrating Overshadows Thanksgiving

Annie McGinnis, Co-Sports Editor November 23, 2020

As November begins and the Halloween festivities come to a close, a new holiday season quickly fills the void. Families are quick to replace the traditional fall decor, taking down the scarecrows and...

MHS students pick up their Grab and Go lunches on their way out of school.

Grab and Go Lunches are Not the Best Alternative

Lajja Patel, Staff Reporter November 20, 2020

The district has assembled a new grab and go system for distributing food which will allow in-person students to continue receiving lunch and breakfast. The system will eliminate the large crowds of...

Women of color, especially Black women, uplifted president-elect Joe Biden and vice-president elect Kamala Harris to the White House. However, they cast their ballots with their own safety and support in mind, not with the intent of saving America from the past administration’s destruction. Marginalized groups need to be prioritized on the Biden and Harris’ agenda in return for years of sacrifices when the government’s response was to no avail.

Cautious Optimism: The National Nightmare Is over

Lauren Pickett, In-Depth Editor November 15, 2020

I cried tears of joy. I took a breath for the first time in months. For four years, I adapted to living in a nightmare of anxiety for my future, my family and my beloved marginalized, minority communities....

On Thursday, high school students in RSD returned to in-person learning, despite the ongoing rise in COVID-19 cases. Students are spaced out three to six feet apart and must wear a mask at all times.

Editorial Board: Keep the Quarantine

Editorial Board November 13, 2020

Yesterday, Governor Mike Parson announced that the current quarantine guideline in place for schools would be relaxed, so that people who are exposed to a COVID-19 case, but wear a mask, won’t have to...

New AP exam registration policies can prevent students from walking blindly into second quarter AP exam signups.

Don’t Walk Blindly into AP Exams

Mason Kellerman, Illustrator November 5, 2020

With the new quarter-based schedule this semester, students are faced with the registration process for Advanced Placement (AP) exams without much experience with their second quarter courses.  At...

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