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President Donald Trump pushed his supporters to fight the election results that confirmed Joe Biden as winner of the presidential race. As this words instigated anarchy, social media platforms barred Trump from posting on their platforms indefinitely.

Editorial Board: Media Can Censor Inappropriate Speech

Editorial Board January 17, 2021

In the wake of the attack on the U.S. Capitol by President Donald Trump’s supporters, multiple social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook have banned Trump’s accounts for inciting violence. The...

 Most students are celebrating the holidays with their families, going on vacations, spending time with friends or taking time for themselves during break. Students are simply giving themselves a much needed and deserved break. A final after a long break is just setting students up to fail when they get back.

Finals Are Not Always Necessary

Grace Taylor, Social Media Editor January 12, 2021

Previously at the end of each semester, students' lives consisted of Bread Co. study sessions, little sleep and final review guides. Students were taking six to seven finals at the end of each semester,...

Juniors received a sample ACT test and scoring instructions in the mail by MHS in the fall in preparation for the school administered ACT on March 2.

ACT, Clean Up Your “Act”

Mason Kellerman, Illustrator January 11, 2021

The ACT organization needs to clean up their act. Since last April, my registered testing dates have been canceled last minute for four consecutive months due to problems with limiting capacity. Just...

America faced one of its darkest days in its history of domestic terrorism Wednesday Jan. 6, as the darkest aspects of society and the Trump presidency were brought out of the shadows and onto Capitol Hill.

Attack on Capitol: Rioters Expose Crumbling American Society

Lauren Pickett, In-Depth Editor January 9, 2021

A void opened in me watching the deadly invasion of the U.S. Capitol as far-right, pro-Trump rioters and militia stormed the cradle of American democracy, Wednesday, Jan. 6. This was more than an attempt...

According to the National Stuttering Association, an estimated 1% of adults in the U.S. stutter, with stuttering being three to four times more common among males than females.

Why I Speak Up, Even With A Stutter

Zara Tola, Copy Editor January 7, 2021

“My name is Zara.” One might think that for me, these words are easy to say. But that’s not the reality for people with a stutter. Oftentimes, saying my own name is a task that requires effort...

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) is home to and sustains an abundance of life including land mammals, marine mammals and indigenous peoples. Denying the environmental importance, the current administration has begun the leasing process for oil drilling in the ANWR, placing a burden on the life residing there. It’s time to start the fight to protect one of the last unspoiled areas of the world.

Let’s Leave the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Unspoiled

Akhila Swarna, A&E Editor January 7, 2021

The CNN headline “Trump's ruinous parting shot at the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge” induced my tears of panic, frustration and disgust. As I read each word, my heart dropped thinking of the hundreds...

Unlike small businesses, Amazon surged during the pandemic. According to the article “Amazon doubles quarterly profit despite Covid-19 costs” by the Financial Times, in the second quarter (April-June), the company had a net income of 5.2 billion. Clearly during the midst of the chaos, Amazon is doing just fine, while small business owners are only trying to make ends meet.

Support Small Businesses Over Amazon

Grace Taylor, Social Media Editor December 25, 2020

Holiday shopping is in full swing, and it is essential that consumers buy from small businesses, before purchasing from Amazon. A small business is defined by having 500 or fewer employees. (SBA, 2019).  Small...

Traveling over winter break has been the source of much controversy, but the affects of this sort of getaway can be beneficial for both the mental and physical health of students and faculty.

Winter Break is a Mental and Physical Vacation

Marin Ellington, Co-Sports Editor December 23, 2020

As school comes to a close today, a break from school is all we need. Reclaiming that lost free time throughout the fall that had been taken over by hours of homework and studying is necessary. Traveling...

The nation is running out of time to end federal executions and abolish the death penalty and strive towards a sense of humanity and dignity in the criminal justice system. The legacy of the U.S. is stained by the unprecedented rate of barbaric federal executions onto the imprisoned that are not limited to the

It’s Time to Execute the Death Penalty

Lauren Pickett, In-Depth Editor December 20, 2020

I was frozen in time, grief-stricken and directionless since the night I learned Brandon Bernard, a federal prisoner, was declared dead.  Bernard, 40, was executed by lethal injection following a Supreme...

Elliot Page, Oscar-nominated Canadian actor, came out as a transmasculine person earlier this month stating that they use he/him and they/them pronouns. Page has already been a powerful force among LGBTQ+ celebrity voices and was previously one of the most famous lesbian actresses in Hollywood history. 

Opinion: Elliot Page, deadnaming, and what it means to be a cis ally

Arpitha Sistla, Online Editor-in-Chief December 20, 2020

“Whenever a trans individual gets deadnamed, it tends to really hurt,” Samir Faruq, junior, said. “It feels like a punch to the gut. It feels like you’re being hollowed out.” Faruq came out...

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