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A quick glance at rapper Yes Instagram shows Yes public meltdown over his contentious divorce with Kim Kardashian.

Opinion: Kanye West’s Mental Illness Shouldn’t Be Shamed

Arpitha Sistla, Co-Online Editor March 13, 2022

If you have been active on the internet for the past few weeks or so, you have likely heard about rapper Kanye West’s social media rampage. West, who now goes by Ye, is most known for being a top...

With the recent rising tensions between Ukraine and Russia, came insensitive jokes from all over the internet. Because of these jokes, many Russian and Ukrainian people like me have felt hurt. I think people should instead learn and educate themselves about the situation, and lift those up who are directly affected by it.

Opinion: Stop Making Jokes About War

Emma Tyulyayev, Staff Reporter March 8, 2022

Growing up, I was constantly surrounded by my beautiful Slavic culture, by sweet pierogi and old folk tales. Seeing what has unfolded in Eastern Europe over the past couple of months, my half-Ukrainian...

In the off season, MLB executives decided to change a few rules of the game. One of the new rules they introduced was the implementation of a designated hitter in the National League, which would be in place on Opening Day (Thursday, March 31). Unfortunately, this could negatively change the name of the baseball game forever

Opinion: MLB Should Not Introduce a Designated Hitter to the National League

Liza Cooper, Opinions Editor March 8, 2022

Major League Baseball (MLB) commissioner Rob Manfred announced the implementation of a designated hitter in the National League on Thursday, Feb. 10. This upset many fans, including myself. A designated...

The Florida Dont Say Gay bill, as it has been nicknamed, is a detriment to the mental health of young LGBTQ+ students.

Opinion: The ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill Cannot Become A Nationwide Trend

Marin Ellington, Editor in Chief March 7, 2022

Terrified -- that’s the way I felt when agonizing over whether to tell my parents I was gay.  Unsure of what to say and scared they would never see me the same way again, my only comfort in these...

According to a 2017 study by the Institute of Labor Economics, Black teachers hold Black students to higher expectations than teachers of other backgrounds and are more culturally sensitive. 

Black youth needs Black teachers now more than ever; they are growing up in a time where we see police brutality more frequently. Having black teachers in schools will give these students what they need most, hope and support.

Opinion: RSD Needs More Black Teachers

Tiona Merritte , Staff Reporter March 1, 2022

From a young age, I realized there weren’t too many people in the media that looked like me. So, I had to hold on to the representation I had, even if that character or experience was unlike me.  Black...

The ACT and SAT are both difficult and time-consuming standardized tests. With the SAT going virtual, I think this should decrease a lot of stress for students preparing to take the test.

Opinion: Virtualize, Shorten Standardized Testing

Annie Alcorn, Staff Reporter February 23, 2022

When I took the ACT test for the first time, I stared at the clock and watched the minutes pass by.  My foot was tapping excessively, my hands were shaking and I worried about transferring over answers...

Everyone has differing opinions on whether or not finals should happen and how they should be managed. Changes will come and go and, who knows, we might not have finals eventually. Whatever happens, is for the teachers and the school district to decide, but students can make their voice heard in this debate.

Opinion: Finals — Where are They Now?

Myles Edgington, Student Reporter January 16, 2022

With the first semester now behind us, we can take a moment to reflect on one important issue: finals. How many classes are still doing finals? It is up to whether or not finals are still important...

Ed Board: Schools Should Be Mask-Optional

Ed Board: Schools Should Be Mask-Optional

Editorial Board December 25, 2021

The debate over schools continuing a mask mandate has once again become a controversial issue with the filing of a lawsuit by the Missouri Attorney General. The lawsuit claims that mask mandates infringe...

Although America does have some gun regulations in place, our country needs to update its laws to fit the time we are living in.

Opinion: America Must Change Gun Laws

Liza Cooper (she/her), Opinions Editor December 18, 2021

When it comes to the right to hold a firearm, there are people for it, there are people against it and there are those who don't care. Personally, I think it is hard to form an opinion on such a serious...

With the end of first semester pushed back until after Winter Break, students and staff are not able to relax and recharge over the break. I think students should get to enter 2022 without the unnecessary stress of final exams and final projects.

Opinion: The Semester Should End Now

Annie Alcorn , Staff Reporter December 18, 2021

It’s the final stretch before winter break. Teachers are cramming in last-minute lessons and students are studying for big tests.  But, when I leave school on Tuesday, Dec. 21 for break, I will not...

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