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Awaken Project

Awaken Project

January 30, 2017

MHS Robotics faces changes

Athena Zeng and Rachel Schibler

November 8, 2015

Filed under Features, Group Spotlight

Athletes of common sports like basketball and baseball play the same game every year with fairly consistent rules and objectives. With robotics, though, every year there’s a different challenge and a different competition. ...

A Club’s Beginnings: African American Studies Club

Abigail Gawart, Photo Editor

December 7, 2014

Filed under Group Spotlight

Being home to over 40 clubs, MHS students are involved in a menagerie of activities and organizations, from FCA to fishing club. However, few clubs are geared toward the study of history and culture. In order to further...

Club Spotlight: Marquette Robotics competes tomorrow

Rachel Schibler, Staff Reporter

December 5, 2014

Filed under Group Spotlight, News

Many students have heard of the Robotics club at MHS, but don’t actually realize what it does. MHS Robotics was founded in 2011. It is divided into two completely separate teams: Team 5439 and Team 5119, also known as the...

Club Spotlight: Math Contest Club

Athena Zeng, Staff Reporter

November 14, 2014

Filed under Features, Group Spotlight

With all the math enthusiasts at MHS, it’s a mystery how a math competition club wasn’t established sooner. This is no longer a problem because MHS now has its own math competition club, the Math Contest Club. The students...

Tennis competes at state

Abigail Gawart, Photo Editor

October 28, 2014

Filed under Group Spotlight, Sports, Tennis

It’s no secret that MHS Varsity Tennis isn’t messing around. Following their qualification for the Missouri Elite 8, the team spent hours outside of school practicing, strategizing and preparing for the state tournament. The...

Club Spotlight: Marching Band

Rennie Svirnovskiy, Opinions Editor

October 23, 2014

Filed under Features, Group Spotlight

They’re the kids you hear crooning in concurrence after school most every day, out on their practice field. They’re the kids who rush the field at the half times of soaking football games and play until they’re pulled off....

Club Spotlight: Science Olympiad sells candy

Keertana Jain, Features Editor

October 22, 2014

Filed under Features, Group Spotlight

Investigating diseases, identifying insects, and solving crimes: just a few of the many events students in Science Olympiad compete in. Science Olympiad is a competitive science club with 33 different competitive events that...

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