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Which U.S. President Would You Have Dinner With?

Which U.S. President Would You Have Dinner With?

Alayna Higdon, Staff Reporter February 16, 2020

Instead of attending class, students across the nation will spend time away from school Monday, Feb. 17 in honor of Presidents’ Day.  The federal holiday was originally created in 1885 to honor...

Katie Curran, senior, prepares to go rock climbing at YMCA Camp Lakewood in Pelosi, Mo. She attended the camp for four years in the East camp program for teens ages 13-17.

Friday Fives: Summer Camps for Teens

Ella Musial, Staff Reporter February 14, 2020

In St. Louis, summer camps offer a wide variety of new experiences for every age group, including teenagers. Here are five summer camps with programs for teens, from college prep to performing arts, to...

A student buys a valentine for themselves.

A Single Valentine’s Day

Mason Kellerman, Illustrator February 14, 2020

Thomas DeGroot, senior, does not hate Valentine’s Day. This year, after being single for the first time in a while, he finds new meaning in the holiday. “I like Valentine’s Day because I get a...

The variety of romance novels available to high school students portray unrealistic relationships and can impact students' expectations about relationships.

Popular Culture Gives Relationships Unrealistic Portrayals and Unfair Expectations

Jilian Bunderson, Illustrator February 14, 2020

In the week leading up to Valentine’s Day, stress rises for singles and couples throughout MHS. With romance at the center of much popular culture, expectations and pressures increase with the desire...

Friday Fives: How to Stay Motivated

Friday Fives: How to Stay Motivated

Peyton Rubenstein, Staff Reporter February 14, 2020

Countless publications and polls, such as Buzzfeed and the Washington Post have counted February as being the “worst month of the year.” The end of the holiday season leaves many without celebrations...

Friday Fives: Valentine's Day

Friday Fives: Valentine’s Day

Kailin Zhang, Online Editor-in-Chief February 14, 2020

As Valentine’s Day rolls around each year, hearts, roses and chocolates fill store shelves in various shades of red and pink. This year, Valentine’s Day is on an Early Release Friday. For those without...

Tourists enjoy the ride on the 200 ft tall attraction, The St. Louis Wheel. The wheel takes passengers along the St. Louis skyline during the 15-minute trip. The wheel also has 42 fully enclosed seats that are climate controlled and seat up to six adults each.

Photo Gallery: St. Louis Union Station

Aarushi Bute, Business Manager February 13, 2020

The Editors’ Room Podcast- On In-Depth Reporting (Part One)

Jackson Estwanick, Kavya Jain, and Cassie Sun February 12, 2020

On this episode of the Editors' Room Podcast, Jackson and Kavya sit down for the first time in the new decade to share their tips on in-depth reporting and different methods of quality storytelling. They...

Song Review: Get Your Wish

Song Review: Get Your Wish

Ella Musial, Staff Reporter February 11, 2020

“Get Your Wish” by Porter Robinson sends an important message about taking life easy and not worrying about being perfect. The single was released Jan. 30 and is a promising comeback for the DJ.  The...

Review: Just Mercy

Review: Just Mercy

Aarushi Bute, Business Manager February 11, 2020

I had never really been in tears due to a movie until I saw “Just Mercy.” The experience didn’t just leave me teary-eyed, it also left me with a gut feeling to do more, to inspire change.  Set...

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