Students dye hair during quarantine


Media by Anna Culver

Anna Culver, senior, shows off her hair, which she dyed purple during quarantine. “Because of quarantine, I decided it didn’t matter what happened since no one would see me,” Culver said.

Anna Culver, senior, has wanted to dye her hair since grade school. She attended Holy Infant, where hair dye was prohibited. 

“Because of quarantine, I decided it didn’t matter what happened since no one would see me,” Culver said.  

At first Culver tried temporary dye, but nothing has really worked because she doesn’t want to bleach it and her hair is black. By using a permanent dye to color her hair purple, she was able to achieve some success. 

“I think I did alright,” Culver said. “I don’t look like one of those troll dolls from the early 2000s so that’s good.” 

Some students, like Culver, have turned to dyeing their hair as a way to pass the time while they are stuck in quarantine. Because school is out for the rest of the year, students like Culver figure nobody will see their dye jobs, no matter how great or horrible they turn out. 

Malin Malinov, sophomore, said his hair dye journey started out as a joke between him and a friend. After the news of school cancelling for the rest of the year, he decided now was the best time to see how it would look. 

“I enjoy how it looks even if it’s barely distinguishable from my natural color,” Malinov said.

Malinov, who dyed his hair a maroon color, used a semi-permanent hair dye because he had never dyed his hair before.

“It was good enough to where I was proud of the final product,” Malinov said.

 Malinov said he might go to a salon to have it dyed professionally after he graduates high school, but for now he’s satisfied with his hair. 

Rene Moore, senior, has been dyeing her hair since her freshman year, but usually not fun colors. She saw quarantine as a perfect opportunity to dye her hair a different color. She has dyed her hair red, blue and purple. 

“I didn’t really like the red at first, but it turned into a really pretty pink that I enjoyed,” Moore said. “The blue looked good, but made my hair stringy and gross.” 

Moore said her mom doesn’t care if she dyes her hair, and even bought the dye for her. 

“My mom’s pretty big on letting us do our own thing and expressing ourselves,” Moore said.

Although Moore has dyed her hair many times, she isn’t currently happy with her hair and wants to go back to her natural hair color. 

“Do temporary dye before anything permanent to make sure you actually like it,” Moore said. “Otherwise you’ll be stuck.”