A Single Valentine’s Day


Media by Mason Kellerman

A student buys a valentine for themselves.

Thomas DeGroot, senior, does not hate Valentine’s Day. This year, after being single for the first time in a while, he finds new meaning in the holiday.

“I like Valentine’s Day because I get a lot of chocolate. I love chocolate. I’m single so I don’t get any chocolate from anyone,” DeGroot said. “But don’t worry I will still buy some for myself.”

Comically, DeGroot discovers love for himself, rather than coming from another. He notes it’s important for uninvolved students to find self-love and other types of love for themselves and for others.

Following him, other students, couples and singles alike, share this mindset both in conventional and innovative ways.

Elizabeth Bleyer, sophomore, plans to spend this year with her boyfriend, Andrew Cromer, junior.

“I like to show people how much I appreciate them and it’s fun to make someone’s day special,” Bleyer said.

Bleyer said she’s not planning anything particular, but plans to get lunch and spend time with her boyfriend.

She said Valentine’s Day creates a nice time to show her love to everyone she appreciates.

Bleyer has been single in the past and hasn’t always had a date. She wants people to know that you don’t have to be a couple to enjoy the day.

Cromer plans to spend the day with Bleyer but still emphasizes the importance of his family.

“I think families can choose to celebrate it to show appreciation for one another,” Cromer said. “It should mean that we show appreciation for those special people in our lives.”

He said the view of Valentine’s Day should change among students in the sense that families can also share intimate moments.

Gabby McCray, junior, is single for Valentine’s Day this year, but plans to celebrate with friends.

“I think it’s fun having a day where you go all out for your loved ones, whether it’s a boyfriend or girlfriend, or family and friends,” McCray said.

She said she never goes full out or makes a big deal for the holiday. McCray said a single day shouldn’t define the care and love you show for others, but also be a motivation to make sure to acknowledge friends at school.

Still, DeGroot said he hopes for some chocolate to surprise him this Valentine’s Day.

He said it’s nice to show someone you are in a relationship with that you care, but it’s not a necessity to have a significant other in order to partake in the holiday.

DeGroot said he’s glad for one year he can really focus on himself while maybe splurging a little on some sweets.

“It’s like Thanksgiving in February,” DeGroot said. “It’s one of the few times set aside where you can focus on being thankful for anyone you love.”