Song Review: Get Your Wish


“Get Your Wish” by Porter Robinson sends an important message about taking life easy and not worrying about being perfect. The single was released Jan. 30 and is a promising comeback for the DJ. 

The song is about a perfectionist who wants to make their life better, but cannot control their desire to make everything perfect. 

They feel like they always have to know everything, saying “I have to write the meaning of my life, or else everything is in vain.” 

Whenever the person finds something in their life that might make them better, they take that positivity away. “When the glory tries to tempt you, it may seem like what you need,” they say. 

The narrator questions this, asking, “but if glory makes you happy, why are you so broken up?” 

The narrator continues to question the perfectionist in the chorus, asking them what it was like when they “walked on water,” and then asking them if they got their wish. 

That “wish” refers to the wish the perfectionist has, which is to be perfect. 

The messages stuck out to me and made me think about the negative consequences of being a perfectionist. Being a perfectionist is ultimately dangerous to someone’s overall health because it has the potential to paralyze them with the fear of messing even the littlest things up.  

In addition to sending an important message and telling a thought-provoking story, “Get Your Wish” is something to listen to as a reminder to stay calm and not get stressed, anxious or even obsessed with the small things in life, because it will be damaging later on. 

The instrumentals of the song are an upbeat rhythm and cheerful tone, making the whole song feel like something straight out of a video game. They feel similar to Robinson’s past songs and make me want to listen to the song multiple times. 

“Get Your Wish” is not as great or as memorable as Robinson’s past works, such as his 2014 album “Worlds” or “Shelter,” a collaboration with Madeon, While it may be a great song it just does not stick. You have to be in a certain mood to listen to the song, or else it might not be as enjoyable.