Review: Just Mercy


Media by Warner Bros.

I had never really been in tears due to a movie until I saw “Just Mercy.” The experience didn’t just leave me teary-eyed, it also left me with a gut feeling to do more, to inspire change. 

Set in the late 1900s at Montgomery, Alabama, “Just Mercy” follows the true story of a black lawyer fighting for the freedom of an innocent black man convicted of murder for a white woman. This movie, which is also based on the book “Just Mercy”, focuses on Bryan Steven (Michael B. Jordan), a black lawyer from Harvard Law School, and Walter McMillian (Jamie Foxx), an innocent African American man being framed by the Sheriff and the District Attorney.

Reflecting society’s perception of African Americans, Walter was placed on death row for a crime he did not commit. Walter and Bryan battle the world’s view on African Americans, not just fighting for the freedom of one man, but for the freedom of others. 

Despite the evidence proving Walter’s innocence, society turned a blind eye. In the years he spent trying to receive justice, Bryan faces political and legal maneuvering as he fights for Walter’s life and family.

Over Jordan’s career, he has starred in many award-winning action films such as “Black Panther” and “Creed.” He has managed to capture the personalities of each character incredibly well, and this is no exception. He played the role of Bryan Steven extremely well.

Foxx played the part of Walter skillfully too. He portrayed the right emotions at the appropriate times, pulling at the audience’s heartstrings.

As for illustrating real-world problems astonishingly well, I applaud director, Destin Daniel Cretton, the raw emotion and the visuals, such as the old-school vibe, brought depth to the film. 

The movie also represents today’s world problems as we continue to fight against discrimination. 

Ultimately, “Just Mercy” is a must-watch that is well-deserving of everyone’s awareness and recognition. It is a wonderful movie with a touching narrative, grade-A acting, and raw emotion. It inspired me to fight against injustice, fight against segregation, and most importantly fight for rights.