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Friday Fives: Sick Days

As we get further into January, one of the coldest winter months, it seems like everybody is getting sick with common colds and the flu, as the weather has been extremely cold. Here are some things to do on your sick days (also check out our 5 tips to avoid getting sick: )

1. Rest

It is important to let your body rest, so it can recover from whatever cold or virus it has. Sleeping lets your body fight whatever illness you may have, so you feel better. We recommend taking a nap and relaxing, as this is also a good time to catch up on all the sleep you missed out on during the week with school, homework and activities.

2. Drink warm beverages and have lots of Vitamin C

Warm foods and drinks are so nice in the winter, especially on sick days. Have some soup, macaroni and cheese, tea or coffee to help warm you up. Also, Vitamin C helps boost your immune system to combat your sickness. Try airborne tablets or any Vitamin C pills.

3. Have a small spa day

Take this time off to pamper yourself and try and feel better. Take a bath or shower, shave, try a face mask, do your laundry and remake your bed. All these things can make you feel better and cleaner while you are feeling down. 

4. Catch up on your favorite show

You don’t want to do much while you’re sick because it is important for you to rest, so a great activity you can do that won’t be physically extraneous is watching your favorite TV show. With no guilt, binge watch your favorite Netflix, Hulu or Disney+ show on your day off, or if you prefer, read a new book or reread an old favorite.

5. Go to the doctor

Seek help before you get more sick. CVS, Walgreens, St. Luke’s Urgent Care and Total Access Urgent Care are great and quick places to stop by when you’re sick to see if you have anything serious or need a prescription.

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