Friday Fives: Tips for the New Semester

It is the first week back from winter break and students have a fresh start for grades. Here are some of the Messenger’s top tips to start the new semester off well with your grades.

1. Get organized

You don’t need to throw out all your old supplies and restock, but you should clear out any clutter from your folders, binders and notebooks to ensure that you have a clean and organized system. Also, don’t get rid of all your old classwork until you are officially finished with the class or your grade is finalized because it can come in handy later. Keeping old notes and assignments allow you to return to them in the future when you find yourself struggling or needing to review. Just make sure these old notes are also organized, so they are easy for you to go back through.

2. Create a schedule

Planners are great tools to stay on top of work and keep up to date on tests, quizzes and assignments, so you can make sure you are prepared for class and doing all you can to succeed. You can buy a cheap planner at places like Walmart or Target, you can make your own bullet journal or you can just list dates and homework in notes or calendars on your electronic devices. Planners are also helpful in dividing up your work time including homework, studying and breaks.

3. Seek help right away

If you ever get confused or find yourself struggling, seek help right away. Although we are starting the year off with Flex Time only on Thursdays, you can come in the mornings or stay after for help. Getting help can be hard, but it’s important in making sure you don’t fall behind. 

4. Find a good group of friends in your classes

Having classmates to help you out is helpful in a class, as peers can help keep you accountable and make sure you are understanding what you are learning without being academically dishonest. With peers you can work out problems, talk about chapters and explain concepts to hopefully help all of you do well.

5. Find motivation and stress relievers

It is easy to lose motivation or feel as if you are in a slump, but it is important to keep motivated if you want to do your best in school. Whether it is breaks, rewards or the satisfaction of learning, motivation helps you to complete your work, stay up to date and keep yourself prepared for all of your classes. Also, stress relievers can be great in allowing you to keep learning and working without getting overwhelmed or too stressed. Breaks are important and puzzles, coloring, reading, or sports are great activities when you need a break.

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