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Friday Fives: Thanksgiving Foods

Thanksgiving it just a week away, which means great food. Here are some of Messenger’s top picks to eat this Thanksgiving:

1. Potatoes

Sweet and regular, potatoes are amazing for the Thanksgiving season. Mashed potatoes with gravy are the perfect salty, warm and creamy side for your feast and not to mention the sweet, delicious sweet potatoes that complete the meal. These are my personal favorite Thanksgiving food. My dad cuts the sweet potato into small cubes and cooks them with brown sugar and cinnamon into a delicious dessert. This is amazing, but regular sweet potatoes sliced into with a little butter and brown sugar is also amazing. 

2. Stuffing

Another great Thanksgiving food is stuffing. This is a great side because it has great texture and adds a salty and peppery flavored dish to your meal. It is a side you can dress up or down and can be made from scratch or a box to perfectly finish off your feast. 

3. Green beans

Green beans is one of the best vegetables for Thanksgiving. This dish comes in all types and can be easily made from frozen or canned green beans. They are nice and salty and can be decorated up with different spices and seasons. Although they are dressed up into a not so healthy side, the fact that they are a vegetable tricks one into feeling good about their large Thanksgiving feast. 

4. Turkey

Turkey is a staple Thanksgiving food. I don’t always love it, nor is it my favorite food to eat at this time of the year, but it is a classic food that adds the finishing touches to the whole feast. There are great substitutes for vegetarians and vegans, and many other great sides to go along with it, but this food couldn’t be forgotten on this list of top Thanksgiving foods. It is also great leftover cold for lunches the following days.

5. Pumpkin pie

This fall dessert is another staple to finish the Thanksgiving feast. Pumpkin pie isn’t only a delicious treat for Thanksgiving, but also a great family bonding activity. You can make the pie as a family the day before, which is super fun. This dessert is tasty super tasty with its creamy consistency and sweet yet full of spice flavor; it finishes the day well. Just remember the whipped cream.


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