Fall Brings in New Foods

Apple pie, cinnamon pudding cake and pumpkin loaf cake.

Media by Alayna Higdon

Apple pie, cinnamon pudding cake and pumpkin loaf cake.

Fall season brings out all different kinds of pie: pumpkin pie, apple pie, cherry pie and even shepherd’s pie.  Fall foods are sweet and warm; something to eat while sitting next to a campfire or at the table with a leaf tablecloth. Fall’s flavors can be found everywhere. 

As I walked  through the bakery section of Schnucks, I looked at all the different types of goodies – the typical cookies and cupcakes, but also the Autumn explosion. I bought three bakery products to satisfy my fall flavor obsession: pumpkin loaf cake, cinnamon pudding cake and apple pie. 

The Bakery’s Mini Apple Pie was a small, individual pre-packaged box. I had low expectations to begin with, as it was a $1 purchase. I am a fan of anything apple, but this pie was regrettable. It had a flavorless crust with a canned-apple preservative filling. The price definitely matched the product. If someone is considering breaking their fall diet, do not, under any circumstances, break it on this excuse of an apple pie.

Luckily not all of my purchases were as underwhelming as the pie.

The pumpkin loaf cake is from the Schnucks bakery, in for the season. It was the most expensive purchase, as well as the largest, at $4.99. The loaf serves about six people, with each serving containing 250 calories. 

I enjoy everything pumpkin related, so the loaf was perfect for me. The name of the product is slightly deceiving; it tasted more like pumpkin bread than a cake. Nonetheless, it had a pleasant taste. It is good for a light breakfast, after-school snack or late-night dessert. 

I highly recommend the pumpkin loaf cake. It fits the fall environment perfectly, the bread is moist and it has the perfect amount of pumpkin and sugar. 

The last bakery item I bought was my favorite, a slice of cinnamon pudding cake from the Schnucks Bakery, costing $1.99. Although it was only a slice, it was large enough to share. For a large, family dessert, Schnucks has larger options of cakes to buy, like half a cake or a full cake. 

The cake had a cinnamon bread and a sweet crumble topping. The topping was my favorite part. It had icing, cinnamon and the crumbles all over  the top of the cake. The sweet taste of the cake makes up for the fact that is is 630 calories and is the product worthy to break a person’s diet

I love everything pumpkin, apple and sweet. Fall’s distinct taste creates an abundance of pumpkin pastries and apple pies, which gives me plenty of options of treats during this time of year. Don’t be afraid to take on the pounds in the fall; it will all be hidden behind the sweaters and hoodies.