MTC Prepares for Upcoming One Acts


Directing fellow students, Willa Burns, senior, prepares for upcoming one acts in an after school rehearsal. “I am looking forward to the one acts because my cast is amazing,” Burns said.

Every year, Rebecca Blindauer, musical director, selects three seniors to direct one acts. This year, she has chosen seniors Willa Burns, Jack Cunningham and Megan Haenni.

The one acts are an annual tradition in which a senior has the opportunity to experience the role of a director. They select the cast, plan practices and choose the lighting, sound and costumes. This year, they will be performed on Jan. 25 and 26 in the Theater.

Blindauer enjoys the one acts because they revolve around the students as they are student directed, casted and performed.

“It’s a great opportunity for students to step into a role that they usually wouldn’t get an opportunity to step into,” Blindauer said. “It’s also a great chance for people like freshman to get more acting experience.”

Blindauer selects the students from her previous directing class based off of their talents and work ethic.

“In general, it’s a pretty rewarding experience and I think it gives a lot of people different opportunities,” Blindauer said.

Willow Burns is directing the shortest one act called “Anger Management”,  written by Lindsay Price.

Burns describes it as a comedy in which anger management patients reenact the situations that got them into anger management. She selected her one act based off its hysterical plot line and its relatable conflicts.

“I prefer comedies in everyday life and they are more fun for the actors to act in and for me to direct,” Burns said.

Burns is looking forward to their performance in January and hopes the audience appreciates both the one act and the work the actors have put in.

“I am really looking forward to it because my cast is amazing,” Burns said. “Also, I think the topic is very relatable, but it’s done in a really funny way.”

Jack Cunningham is directing a one act about a couple living through the different stages of their lives.

Originally, Cunningham was interested in another one act, but when he found this one, he couldn’t turn it down.

“The other one had a darker theme to it, but this one makes you feel good at the end, and I really like that,” Cunningham said.

Cunningham said that because last year’s one acts were dark, the directors decided on dark comedy, so there is still meaning, but it’s more light-hearted and funny.

So far, Cunningham is happy with his group’s progress as they have already had two successful rehearsals.

“I think it’s going to go really well,” Cunningham said. “I have a really great cast, and I have a lot of great ideas I’d like to pursue with this one act.”

Megan Haenni is directing a one act written by Jonathan Dorf called “4a.m.”

“I told my friend that it was called ‘4a.m.’ and she said ‘ah 4 a.m. so many memories’ and I think that’s what describes it perfectly,” Haenni said.

Haenni said the one act highlights many different people at 4 a.m. From the boy talking to the monster under his bed to the girls giggling at a sleepover, Hennie said there is a character for everyone to relate to.

“It has a bunch of different plot lines that are really relatable and I think the audience will be able to relate to it,” Haenni said.

Jamie Bunderson, freshman, plays a suicidal teen in “4am.”

Although the one acts are very different compared to the fall musical, Bunderson said she enjoys having a student director.

“She is really talented and I am really glad I get to work with her,” Bunderson said.

While they have only had a few rehearsals, Bunderson said she is very excited for the one acts.

“I am really happy to be a part of them and to have this opportunity,” Bunderson said.